Hello, world.

My name is Lisa.

Curiosity is at the fiber of my being. I've always had a "need to know" approach to life. As in, I need to know everything. So when it comes to the latest technologies and best practices, I can assure you:

I'm always on top of my game.

Who I am

I am a hybrid web designer and an ambitious application developer. I'm also a volunteer at a local cat shelter, a full-time student, and a video game enthusiast (AKA nerd).

One of the most important things I was ever taught was to always keep learning.

I refuse to remain stagnant in my development experience. I am always studying and researching the latest technologies and techniques to ensure I deliver the best (and best looking) applications and websites.


  • My website


    You're chilling on the website in question, but know it wasn't a simple path here. I wanted something modern and responsive, but I had to build on top of a website I had already made 3 months ago. I also needed to create a brand for myself that would stick in people's minds.

    It is amazing what one person can learn to do in 3 months, and this website is a testament to that. I stuck with all of the best practices I could remember, threw in a few of my own, and designed my website from the ground (read: code) up. My last name was the basis for my color scheme, and everything else was themed around it.

  • Pat's Auto Repair Shop

    This was a project for a Visual Basic class I took at Baker College.

    Pat's Auto Repair Shop needed a way to keep track of repair jobs. I had to keep track of the cost of parts and labor hours to be able to determine the final cost of the job.

    I had some extra time developing this solution, so I added my own touch to the UI. I found the logo on a open source clip art site and themed the project around it. This program was built with Visual Basic.

  • GR Web Tech

    GR Web Tech was built with WordPress and the Argo Theme from Themeforest. I picked out the theme myself as it fit with the modern design GR Web Tech was looking for.

    GR Web Tech needed the theme customized to match their logo. I customized the CSS and HTML to accomadate this need. I also customized the WordPress solution to match with their business model.

  • Rebecca Klott's website

    River City Psychological

    Dr. Klott needed a website for her new business. I personally worked with her to choose a responsive theme for her website, then implemented WordPress for her.

    All of the psychologists at the firm needed their own account, bio pages, and forms. I customized their WordPress solution to meet these needs. The entire site was styled with the watercolor city in mind.

  • Light Android Google Chrome Theme

    Light Android Theme

    Basically, I'm a huge fan of the Android OS and Google Chrome. I had a theme to show off this love before, but it was a dark UI (black on green on black on green). I wanted something lighter.

    In addition to needing something with a lighter UI, I also wanted to learn how to theme for Chrome and publish to their app store. After all, who doesn't want to spend the day playing with a bit of JSON?


From 0 to 100%, these progress bars represent how comfortable I would be teaching these skills to somebody else.






















Lisa Lemons


Technical Skills


C#, Visual Basic, PHP, Java, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL


ASP.NET, Bootstrap 2 & 3, less.js, WordPress CMS, Kentico CMS, Telerik Controls, SQL Server 2008, Photoshop, Java Server Pages


MarketNet Services

ASP.NET Application Developer - November 2012 to April 2014, April 2015 to Present
  • Developed and maintained a browser-based lead management system using Visual Basic and ASP.NET
  • Worked with a team of developers and SQL to debug and improve releases
  • Assisted in creating and redesigning multiple internal projects

Notions Marketing

Web Developer - November 2014 to present
  • Maintain and enhance current websites on behalf of Creative Services team
  • Make recommendations to improve web experiences and implement them
  • Develop plugins and styling for Wordpress-based intranet, Notions Net

GR Web Tech

Independent Web Development Contractor - August 2012 to present
  • Manage personal work schedule
  • Design and personalize websites using a content management system for small businesses
  • Use and customize a WordPress solution to meet different clients' needs


Web Designer - May 2014 to August 2014
  • Created websites from PSD's using HTML/CSS
  • Used Kentico Content Management System to create and manage websites
  • Learned and experimented with latest technologies that may fit different client's needs


Baker College

Bachelor of Computer Science
  • July 2013 to present
  • Estimated graduation: 2016
  • Current GPA: 3.9

South Christian High School

High School Diploma

Other Facts:

  • I've volunteered 3+ years with Crash's Landing
  • I enjoy taking things apart such as video game controllers, video game consoles, and various computers
  • I have been going to school full-time while working full time
  • My last name is a type of citrus fruit

Contact Me

Website: lisa-lemons.com | Email: me@lisa-lemons.com | Phone: 616-284-1569

Contact Me