Hello, world.

My name is Lisa.

Curiosity is at the fiber of my being. My hunger for learning has given me insight into the worlds of development, technology, design, and marketing—to name a few. No matter what you’re working on, there’s something in my toolkit that can help.

We’re going to love working together.

Who I am

I am a hybrid web designer and an ambitious application developer. I'm also a volunteer at a local cat shelter, a full-time student, and a video game enthusiast (AKA nerd).

One of the most important things I was ever taught was to always keep learning.

I refuse to remain stagnant in my development experience. I am always studying and researching the latest technologies and techniques to ensure I deliver the best (and best looking) applications and websites.


Insurance Bible

Built with Wordpress and Divi, I created Insurance Bible's branding indentity, website, and all of the graphics.

design, development

MarketNet's bpm'online page

After MarketNet partnered with bpm'online, I designed and developed several pages and templates in Marketnet's existing website to showcase their new solutions.

design, development

Eff Yeah Design! Social Media

I designed social media banners and logos for Eff Yeah! Design, a Pinterest board run by two people including yours truly.


Email Template for MarketNet

I developed a Marketo 2.0 Email Template for MarketNet.


MarketNet Social Banner

I designed a social media banner for Marketnet's online prescence.


Brick & Mortar

The best way to learn a new tool is to create with it. I made this theme to train myself in Divi.

development, design

Crash's Landing Hoodies

I entered a shirt design contest. Though my design wasn't chosen, I learned a lot about designing for shirts in photoshop.


Pat's Auto Repair Shop

Built with Visual Basic for a class project.


GR Web Tech

Built with Wordpress, set up, hosted, and tweaked by me.


River City Psychological

Built with Wordpress, set up, hosted, and tweaked by me on behalf of Rebecca Klott.


Light Android Theme

Built with JSON for Google Chrome.






Website: lisa-lemons.com | Email: me@lisa-lemons.com | Phone: 616-284-1569


Technical Skills


Less, Sass, Bootstrap, ASP.NET


Java, HTML5, CSS3, C#, VB.NET, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL


Webflow, Wordpress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Marketo, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Shopify



ASP.NET Application Developer - November 2012 to April 2014, April 2015 to Present
  • Continue development of a browser-based lead management system using Visual Basic and ASP.NET
  • Develop resilient bug fixes to improve applications
  • Work extensively with the Marketing team to create, execute, and automate their processes
  • Create and redesign multiple internal projects, including a robust e-commerce solution in Shopify

GR Web Tech

Web Developer and Designer - August 2012 to present
  • Design and personalize websites using a content management system for small businesses
  • Use and customize a WordPress solution to meet different clients' needs
  • Assist in setting up cloud services to improve on-boarding processes

Notions Marketing

Web Developer - November 2014 to April 2015
  • Maintained and enhanced websites on behalf of Creative Services team
  • Made recommendations to improve web experiences and implemented them
  • Developed plugins and styles for Wordpress-based intranet, Notions Net

Other Facts:

  • I've volunteered 6+ years with Crash's Landing
  • I am a Marketo Certified Developer
  • I enjoy creative writing and have published work
  • I enjoy taking things apart such as video game controllers, video game consoles, and various computers
  • I've been playing Skyrim since it came out and still haven't finished the main quest
  • My last name is a type of citrus fruit

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